Latest news! We won a trophy again

LY HSIN company cooperated with students from the Shih Chien university to participated in the e-commerce competition held by the Taiwantrade and won the third place in the whole country! 

During the six-month period, we have experienced the communication , coordination. Happily , all of us are willing to make efforts for this competition.They collected keywords, updated products, designed product information, maked videos, etc. After revision by teacher and company, adjusted again and again...

There was a lot of ups and downs in the middle, but we are very glad that the efforts of these four girls have been affirmed, we are very proud of their performance.

We also re-feel the strength of the team from among the four of them, working together and rational communicating so that everything can be carried out smoothly.

This industry-university cooperation not only make us to rediscover the business opportunities in the market, but also let us to see the potential of Taiwanese young people. They can help companies to make Taiwan's suppliers' strengths recognized by the world!

LY HSIN company's Industry-university cooperation will be continued...



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