Resin Clay's Product Description

Ly Hsin clay enterprise can customize the size you want.
Resin Clay(Air polymer clay) 
is a natural clay which can leave to room temperature to air-dries to a hard solid.Use it to make clay miniatures, decorative items, jewelry and accessories, key chains and etc. 

We provide different sizes... 

P9268(Weight: 250g) and P9274 (Weight: 240g)

You may also have your own product size what you want!

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Model No:

1. P9268(Weight:250g)

Made In: Taiwan, ROC
Price: USD$ 1.1 ~ 1.6
MOQ: 60 pcs
Color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Orange, Baby Blue, Purple, Black, Brown, Pink, Skin, White

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2. P9274 (Weight: 240g)

Made In: Taiwan, ROC
Price: USD$ 1.1 ~ 1.6
MOQ: 80 boxes
Color: Red,Yellow,Blue,Green,Orange,Baby Blue,Purple,Black,Brown,Pink,Skin,White

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 Resin clay


 Resin clay

Resin Clay(Crystal clay/Thai clay/Cold Porcelain Clay/ Arcilla fría de porcelana/ Arcilla de resina/ resin tanah liat/ Harz Ton)

Resin clay has different colors for example, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, baby blue, purple, black, brown, pink, skin, and white. Resin clay is soft and flexible so that it is suitable for kids above 8 years old and who are professional and handmade lovers. The best time to leave in room temperature is 24-48 hours.
Resin clay only can store three to four months. You can store those unused resin clay in a box or plastic bag. In the other hands, you have to use it as soon as possible. Moreover, resin clay is easy to clean up and it dries with waterproof. Also, resin clay features bright, silky and air hardening.
When you are making a product with resin clay, you will feel that the weight is heavier than the first time. Resin clay is easy to store and will not be destroyed easily.
You can paint your favorite color on the resin clay you make.
Resin clay is not suitable for big products. It is only for small products.

Please contact us if you have any problems on buying our products and do not hesitate to ask us questions.
You have to choose us as your priority because we stand in customers’ shoes and consider more than other company for any clay products.

Resin clay is...
✦ Made in Taiwan.
✦ Air-hardening.
✦ Non-toxic.
✦ Simply to mix any color.
✦ Easy to use and doesn’t stick to your fingers.
✦ Extremely strong and durable.
✦ The texture is smooth and silky.
✦ Suitable for professional and handmade lovers.
✦ Pass test report EN71 part1.2.3 &ASTM D4236.

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